John Avarosis: Mr. Cantor, Your Culture War Is My Life

Via AMERICAblog Gay

Brad Dayspring, the spokesman for the number two Republican in the US House, Eric Cantor, had the following to say about President Obama's support for same-sex marriage:

"Brad Dayspring ‏ @BDayspring
With the economy in stagnation and crippling amounts of debt, the President seeks to further divide America by launching in a culture war."

Your culture war is my life.

And isn't that the problem with so much that the modern Republican party stands for. They've turned all of our lives into one big culture war.

Access to affordable health care is a culture war.

Jobs are a culture war.

Protecting the environment is a culture war.

Student loans are a culture war.

Civil rights are a culture war.

What isn't a culture war to these people?


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