Kate Bornstein's Queer & Pleasant Danger

Via Band of Thebes:

Yesterday Kate Bornstein released her new book A Queer and Pleasant Danger: The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of Scientology and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today and the Village Voice gives her a massive cover story.

I found this part of the Village Voice cover story very touching:

The number-one reason she wrote the book (and she's clear about it in the book itself) was for her daughter and grandchildren. "I want them to see if they want to look. Writing the book has allowed me to let go of the need to reach out to them," she says.

Kate hasn't seen her daughter, Jessica, since 1980. She has never seen her two grandchildren. She's hoping that her book is popular enough that a copy will fall into their hands and provide them with a detailed explanation of how she got to be who she is today — a transsexual, Jewish, lesbian, bipolar, masochistic cutter.

I told her that it did seem like an odd strategy—that in order to reach out to a daughter who has shunned her for more than 30 years, she would do so with graphic descriptions not only of her gender transformation, but also of her s&m adventures.

She nodded, knowingly, and smiled. "It's not the transgender issue she would have a problem with—it's that I left Scientology."

And OH MY GOD! My library has a copy on order! Who'da thunk it?!


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