Weekend Gardening

The zinnias are coming up nicely.

The hydrangea is about to bloom, which is a godsend because the building manager hired someone to lop off the part of the plant that was hanging out into the driveway and I wasn't sure if it'd comeback this year.

The lilies of the valley are coming back way full this year. My former roommate and I had transplanted them from one side of the driveway to the sort of flower box on the other.

Not sure what this is, but it's meant to attract bees and butterflies. Which by the way I've seen one bee so far this year.

At first I didn't think this plant was coming back at all, but then I saw it covered in morning glory vine so I ripped up the vine and found all but one of the plants.

Lavender that was planted a couple of years ago, kinda sickly but still growing.

Not sure what these are. I mean, they're obviously aren't bluebells cause they're yellow but they're bell shaped. Also I'd originally only planted two plants and now there are 3.

One of 2 eggplant plants I planted this weekend: this one obviously in a pot while the other is in the ground.

The shasta daisies are about to bloom.

This is one of several mint plants that I planted in an effort to crowd out the morning glory vine, and it's growing like gangbusters!

Another plant meant to attract bees and butterflies that I saved from the vine.

This is where I planted seeds this year. The wet line on the right is for marigolds; the middle wet is the zinnias; the wet on the left is sunflowers.

And for you feet pervs...my feet.

A closeup of the yellow blue bells.

And the bane of my gardening existence, but still quite pretty...the morning glory vine.


becca said…
wish i had a green thumb but mine is black
Chris said…
Love the post labels. "Feet" and "YAY" cracked me up :)

This is a new side to your personality for me, I have to admit. I envy the peace that I'm seeing in these pictures.
What? No pics of sexy you? :P

Great job btw! I'm just starting with my balcony garden.

Writer said…
Try zinnias, becca. No one (crosses fingers) can kill zinnias.)
Writer said…
Thank you, Chris. I'm not quite sure what you mean, but thank you. It might be that I'm only working one job now. YAY! :)
Writer said…
Jon, there's my feet AND my big toe in another. :)

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