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I would've posted the video of the news report but apparently no one at lex18.com knows how to make an embed code that isn't thousand of pages long. So if you wanna watch, just click over.

Via Lex18News:

A controversial Lexington billboard condemning abortion and homosexuality went missing Wednesday and turned up inside a Lexington bar.

The Bluegrass Church of Christ in Georgetown put up the billboard along New Circle Road, near the Leestown Road exit. It read, "Homosexuality is an Abomination" and "Abortion is Murder" with scripture references.

On Wednesday, the billboard disappeared, replaced with graffiti - three cartoonish characters wearing cowboy hats. The creatures have what look like bar codes stamped on their torsos.

The billboard appreared to turn up at Trust Lounge in Downtown Lexington Wednesday night. It hung on the wall and had nine similar figures painted on it, but made up to look like devils, including horns and pitchforks. Workers at the bar said an anonymous person dropped off the sign. One of the owners of Trust Lounge contacted LEX 18 Thursday morning saying the billboard on display at the bar was a replica created for an art display.

Police say they don't know who might have removed the billboard.

The graffiti figures resemble those popularized by an organization known as Dronex Inc. The organization's website offers as vague description of its origins.

"Founded in 2004, Dronex Inc. is a collective of creative dissidents working to challenge our visual landscapes to empower the people who occupy them.. What started as water and dust seven years ago has grown into army of subtle influence that dots the landscape, growing ever greater in number with each passing day."

The Dronex Inc. Facebook page featured a post put up around 1 p.m. Wednesday advertising an event at Trust Lounge.


becca said…
someone was trying to make a statement
I'm all for free speech, but this billboard to me is a hate crime. Three cheers to whoever removed it. (I hope they never find the real culprit and I hope that ignorant church grouip keeps on spending $8,000 for billboards that don't last a week).
Writer said…
becca, I like the after-statement. :)
Writer said…
Mitchell, there is currently a police investigation, and someone from the church wants to put it back. I won't even go into what the idiot from the church has to say about it.
Writer said…
Exactly, Wonder Man. :(

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