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Last Picture from Home

For Mitchell...

Happy Pride Lexington

We Should Totally Watch This, Y'All

Two Birthdays

This Used to Be My Playground

Happy Pride

Happy Pride


Momma's Backyard

Happy Birthday, Stonewall

What a Dick

Teen Lesbian Couple Shot in Corpus Christi

Happy Pride

Bridge Over the Ohio

Home in Muhlenberg

Oh. My. Goddess.

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Air Conditioning Is Good When You Are Ill

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How Swallowtails Become Dragons by Bianca Spriggs

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Obama Unicorn Pride T-Shirts

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I Got Cake In My Ear

Alice in Wonderland Transit Map

Happy Pride

Let's Hope His 300 Hours of Community Service...

Midday Beau

Alan Turing Centenary, June 23rd

Repost: Gay Men Have Evolutionary Benefit For Their Families

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Tuesday Books

Sofia Vergara For Marriage Equality

As Some of You May Know

Thanks. Now You Tell Me

Tuesday Beau

It Is With a Heavy Heart...

Monday Beau

Have a Great Weekend Everyone

Daily Caller Asshat Reporter Neil Munro Heckles President

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