Daily Caller Asshat Reporter Neil Munro Heckles President

Image via Joe.My.God. <-- click over and you can watch Obama smack him down.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement: Daily Caller: We are very proud of reporter who heckled Obama for doing his [the reporter's] job

"Are you going to take questions?" Munro continued. "Not while I’m speaking," the President, somewhat angrily, replied.

Politico called it "a surprising breach of normal etiquette."

The Daily Caller is a Tea Party site, and this ultimately is the problem with the Tea Party: they can't keep their racist, disrespectful mouths shut!


JamTheCat said…
Oh, the right wing's going nuts defending this asshole. It's almost fun to argue with them, they're so stupid about it.
Writer said…
Welcome to the ultimate conclusion of dumbing down the entire country. :(

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