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LGBTQNation has her name listed as Borja.

Via Courthouse News Service

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CN) - A gay HIV-positive man says in court that a hospital denied him treatment and visitors, as the doctor remarked, "This is what he gets for going against God's will."

Joao Simoes sued Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Union County Superior Court. He says that the hospital admitted him in August 2011, but that "requests for his lifesaving medication were not honored," and his sister was denied visitation rights.

Susan V. Borga, M.D., from the Department of Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, allegedly approached Simoes while he was confined to the hospital's mental health wing. Borga is not named as a defendant.

Simoes says Borga was unfazed when another patient told her that he had just gotten out of prison, where he served time for murder. But her reaction was allegedly different when Simoes said that he did not work because he planned to go back to school and because of his HIV status.

Borga then allegedly asked Simoes how he got HIV, to which he responded, "I got it from unprotected sex."

The complaint then says that "Dr. Borga closed the plaintiff's file, put it down and looked at plaintiff with disgust on her face and asked, coldly, "Is that from sex with men?"

Simoes says he responded affirmatively and that, "immediately after hearing this, Dr. Borga proceeded to exit the room."

After this consultation, no nurse or doctor came to see Simoes, even though he told them that he needed to take his HIV medication, according to the complaint.

When the hospital finally permitted Simoes to call his personal physician on the third day of his stay, he learned that the doctor had already spoken with Borga about Simoes' medication, according to the complaint.

Borga allegedly responded: "You must be gay, too, if you're his doctor."

"Additionally, apparently realizing that plaintiff's doctor had an accent, Dr. Borga exclaimed, 'What, do you need a translator?' to which plaintiff's doctor had again responded that Dr. Borga needed to give plaintiff his HIV medication," the complaint states.

"Dr. Borga responded to plaintiff's doctor by stating, 'This is what he gets for going against God's will,' and hung up the phone on plaintiff's doctor."

Simoes says his sister had been at the hospital when he checked in, but the hospital refused to let her visit.

When the sister came to the hospital again on the day Simoes spoke with his personal physician, she brought her brother's medication.

"Plaintiff witnessed his sister leave his medication with the nurses' station and it was not until this time that the nurses, seeing that the plaintiff had witnessed his sister give his medication to the nurses, that the nurses eventually gave plaintiff his medication," the complaint states.

The hospital's conduct allegedly caused Simoes to miss five doses of his medication.

Simoes seeks punitive damages for discrimination. He is represented by Kevin Costello with Costello & Mains of Mount Laurel, N.J.


JamTheCat said…
Catholic Hospitals have become leaders in the fight to deny even the most human basic rights to those they disapprove of -- gays, women needing contraceptives and family planning, you name it. Many of them spit on the Hippocratic Oath and use God as their excuse. It's diseased.
becca said…
how awful but yet not surprising it's religious people who are the most prejudice of all. I've had a pastor tell me that the reason i'm sick is because i'm a sinner and it's my punishment for sinning. I just wish I knew what I did so I could stake claim to it. I mean seriously if i'm going to die at least let me know what I did so I can shout it from the roof tops.
Sozo's said…
WTH?? Hope you don't mind if I repost this.
Will said…
Why Dr. Borja (the spelling was corrected in later editions of the story; Borja is the Spanish version of Borgia and one does think of the killings committed by that family in this context) wasn't included in the suit I cannot imagine. She seriously needs to have her license revoked and the hospital needs to be investigated.

One commenter on Joe.My.God's blog reacted to this story with, "they're really determined to kill us any way they can." Disgusting -- and dangerous!
Writer said…
Kyle, I completely agree.
Writer said…
becca, don't listen to Preacher Men, they know not what they...well...they don't know a damn thing.
Writer said…
Sozo, I don't mind at all. :)
Writer said…
Will, they may be determined but it will never happen. :)

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