Internet's Killing the Pornography Star

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Via boingboing: Internet Killing Porn

Louis Theroux, who produced a documentary on the US porn industry 15 years ago, has revisited the industry, and found it in severe decline. The proliferation of free Internet porn and the rise of amateur pornography has combined to take nearly all the money out of the system. He writes about it in The Guardian:
At one of the top LA agencies for performers, LA Direct, the accountant Francine Amidor laments the "devastating" impact of piracy. "There's less work, and there's an abundance – because of the economy – of performers. There aren't enough people shooting to give everybody a day's work." I put it to Amidor that she owes it to the young aspirants who still make their way to the LA Direct offices to explain the consequences of their decision. She demurs. "Because then I would talk three quarters of the girls out of the business and then we wouldn't be in business." Fees for scenes, not surprisingly, have taken a hit. "Some girls get $600 [£390] for a scene now," the retired performer JJ Michaels tells me. "It might be $900-$1,000 for a big-name girl. It used to get up to $3,000." For guys, rates can be $150 or lower.

But isn't this the same sort of fallacious argument that is still swirling around books and e-books?


Tim said…
The Internet is certainly killing those studios wedded to the DVD.

But online-only businesses which have no overhead (e.g., use the same bedroom set over and over like or Sean Cody) and don't care about "stars" are making money hand over fist.

Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, and the rest have so much money they don't know what to do with it all.
Writer said…
I completely agree, Tim. It seems that the Internet is going to make the buying and selling of all kinds of entertainment. And I fully acknowledge that I said "is going" as though it isn't already happening.
Kyle Leach said…
JP and Tim, I'm with both of you. Those that have grown with the changes to porn are doing just fine.
Writer said…
I think at least in this instance (though I may disagree with myself in others), the Internet-is-killing-porn meme is simply a knee-jerk reaction to new technology. :)

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