The New Face of Anti-Mormonism: Me

(Neil Patrick Harris dressed as a Mormom missionary? I may need some alone time.)

Via Joe.My.God.:

American liberals are the new face of anti-Mormonism, according to a new study by American National Election Studies (ANES). According to ANES, 35 percent of Americans in February said they weren’t inclined to vote for a Mormon, an upswing of 9 percent from 2007. But while the press has suggested that anti-Mormon sentiment springs largely from the Evangelical Christian community, the study shows something different: while 36 percent of Evangelicals don’t like Mormonism, 41 percent of liberals don’t like it, up 20 percent form 2007. Moderates also swung up 10 percent in terms of dislike for Mormons. According to the study, these statistics will be important come November – feelings about Mormonism are the best predictor of whether someone will vote for Mitt Romney. The study does suggest that anti-Mormon Republicans will stay home in November. Liberal tolerance is a popular catchphrase among the press opinion-makers. Increasingly, it’s also a myth when it comes to Mormons.

Also there's this from AMERICAblog Gay:

Buzzfeed reports today on a new study showing that liberals have serious concerns about electing a Mormon as president because of the Mormons's anti-gay advocacy, specifically their single-handedly getting Prop 8 passed in California. Buzzfeed then goes on to quote the study's author comparing concerns about Mormons to concerns about Obama's race.

The uptick in anti-Mormon voter attitudes may come as a surprise to those who predicted Romney's candidacy would have a mainstreaming effect on his faith. But as University of Sydney scholar David Smith, the paper's author, writes, just as President Obama's successful candidacy didn't put an end to tense race relations in America, Romney's political assent hasn't cured the country of anti-Mormonism. In fact, as the data shows, Romney's rise may have lead to increased anxiety about his religion among his natural political opponents.

Uh, good try.

Liberals are offended by the Mormons' anti-gay activism (and likely also by the Mormons' ongoing attempts to steal the souls of Holocaust (and other) dead). All of which is completely understandable. Why should a Democrat want to elect someone whose core beliefs include the oppression of others, including the oppression of several core Democratic constituencies (women, Jews, blacks, and gays)?

We object to their politics. Which is slightly different than objecting to the color of one's skin.

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