Sofia Vergara For Marriage Equality

AfterElton's comment is that due to a lack of Spanish comprehension, Sofia could be "pledging her undying loyalty to the grand cat conspiracy and I wouldn't know it" and I would have to agree.


becca said…
i love her even though half the time i don't understand her
Somewhat I misread her name as Sophia Viagra! What could it mean?

Writer said…
I totally get that, becca. She makes me want to practice my Spanish. :)
Writer said…
Very, Wonder Man, very. :)
Writer said…
Hugs to you, Jon. I think maybe you need some private time alone with your penis. :)
JamTheCat said…
AfterElton needs to get with it. She's very definitely pro-gay in this clip, talking about freinds and teachers and such, and ending with Es muy buena y guapa.
Writer said…
I don't hold it against them, Kyle. Lord knows, my Spanish sucks and I have no idea what she's saying. Though I like the sound of it.

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