Two Birthdays

Debbie Harry turns 62, and Karen Black turns 73. Both on Sunday.

So in their honor, I give you two Debbie Harry songs...

(I hate that the video doesn't have the opening "Three Blind Mice" riff.)

...or if you'd rather, here's the finale of Rock 'N' Rule...Debbie did the singing vocal for Angel.

And Amelia, the 3rd story in the 1975 Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black...

AfterElton has a great gif of the cutie, lil monster from it!


becca said…
Happy birthday to these great ladies
John Gray said…
bloody hell...I remember that scary tv film...i had forgot that Karen Black featured in it!
my best memory of Karen Black is her wonderful portrayal of Nancy Prior , the crosseyed stewardess in airport 75.. now that was class!
Loved the songs. But I also remember that TV movie and don't want to revisit it!
Writer said…
Celebrate. Good times. Come on, becca. :)

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