We've Lost Another Bright Light

Maybe it's just me...

16-year-old Brandon Elizares took his life because of bullying. The Andres High School student committed suicide on Saturday, he was found by his mother.

Here's more info from KFOX14

KFOX14 News spoke Elizares's friends and mother, Zachalyn Elizares, at her Northeast home on Friday, and she said that her son was bullied at school for two years because he did not want to hide the fact that he was gay.

"He got bullied simply for being gay," Elizares said. "He's been threatened to be stabbed. He's been threatened to be set on fire."

Elizares said the El Paso Independent school district did everything it could to help solve the problem.

"They've reprimanded several kids and they did everything that they could," Elizares said.

I really want the kids to hang in there. Death is not an option, survival and perseverance are key.

As anyone who's ever been a kid should know, reprimands and punishments only lead to more and more bullying.


Kyle Leach said…
Seeing his mom talk about what happened really torn me up. It's getting better, not fast enough.
Writer said…
I think that's why I posted this and moved on really, really fast. :(

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