What a Dick

Kentucky Idiot Senator tries to insert "Personhood" amendment into Flood Bill.

Via Jezebel

Also, via Daily Kos, Harry Reid: "This is ridiculous."

Senator Reid? You say tomato, I say Rand Paul.


becca said…
politics always make me feel stupid because i never quiet understand everything
Tim said…
Rand Paul is just stunting.

In the U.S. Senate, they have what is known as the "Byrd Rule." Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia instituted it when he was Majority Leader. The Byrd Rule says that any amendment to a bill has to be germane. That is, it has to related to the topic of the bill. You can't just toss an amendment about the oceans into a bill about student loans -- unless the amendment were to make student loans available to those studying the oceans. See?

Rand Paul knows the rules. This was a publicity stunt.

Notice that it was worked very well, as he's getting tons of publicity for being a right-winger (not a libertarian).
Writer said…
becca, I barely know what's going on to, so I tend to lean towards emotional reactions rather than rational. :)
Writer said…
But, Tim, is that the kind of publicity that Paul wants. I thought he wanted to be known as a "libertarian"?

And, no, I don't think he knows the rule. I'm sure he probably never read the rules. He is of the "being stupid is good" school.

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