Boston Mayor's Letter to Chick-Fil-Ass

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JamTheCat said…
I have a problem with government deciding who can say what. Chick-fil-A's is a dick and his comments are vile, and people not wanting to eat there is fine; I don't eat there. But to have mayors and city councilmen threatening people over what they said is in direct violation of the 1st Amendment, and if it's being done to scum like Carly, it can also be done to people like me. So I have zero tolerance for this kind of crap.
Writer said…
Definitely, becca. :)
Writer said…
But it isn't just a 1st amendment issue, Kyle, when you take into consideration the amount of money (Chick-Fil-A money) that is being sent not only to the anti-marriage-equality movement but to the anti-gay-anything movement as well. If it were only about Cathy "saying" something, that would be one thing, but his whole organization is doing more than talking. They're trying to change things (laws, the country, people's lives) with the money they make.
JamTheCat said…
JP, if you don't want to eat there, that's fine. If people want to form a boycott of all Chick-fil-As, I'm right behind you. What I have a problem with is any branch of the government thinking it has the right to tell anyone what they can say, and that's what council members and mayors are doing. Right now, we're on their side. But there are a lot of places in this country where mayors and council members are NOT on our side, and they should not be allowed to think that any form of censorship is okay. It's not.

Don't forget, because one twit of a Fox news reporter called one of my books pornography, several of my books were dropped by Amazon. It took me nearly 2 months to get them to review the books and see they weren't porn. Hell, I'm still getting my work checked, every now and then, in case they can show they were wrong to carry it. And I'm not the only one this has happened to. If someone in the government had done it, I'd never have gotten that review.

So I don't believe in shutting anybody up, so long as they're not calling for the overthrow of the government or for people to be hurt or killed. If Cathy'd done that, you'd have no argument from me. But he's just anti-gay marriage and rather homophobic, and yes -- a complete jerk about it. But the government has no right to tell him he can't set up a business in their city just because of his personal views. Period. End of story. Once that sword's been sharpened, it can be used on my neck as well as anyone else's...and I do not want that.
Writer said…
Kyle, once again, I don't think this is a 1st amendment issue. I fully support Cathy saying whatever he wants to say, no matter how vile it may be. It's that his organization is being used to stamp out a whole group of people.

If he was just talking that would be one thing. It's that he's using money and power to do more than just talk.

PS I started Lyon's Den today.

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