Hunting in the World that Was

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“My goal with this project is to create striking juxtapositions between the ruins of modern civilization and a futuristic ecological utopia.”

Brooklyn-based artist/illustrator Nick Pederson recently finished a new batch of work entitled Ultima. The loosely narrative series depicts a post-apocalyptic environment in which conflicts between modern and early cultures, and man and the natural world are given prominent attention. In the world that Pederson has conjured, overgrown cities (though absent of their typical, busy inhabitants) are full of life. The lush, green environments project a vibrancy that’s really appealing. But the digital works have their quiet aspects too - deer slowly pick their way through the brush; and stoic, masked tribesmen explore their bizarre surroundings.

Pederson's work (there's more if you click over) put me in the mind of this...


becca said…
love the picture so beautiful and imaginative and the song was really good to
Writer said…
I'm glad you liked them, becca. Be sure to click over and the see more of the paintings. :)

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