Sean Lennon and Artists Against Fracking

BoingBoing has a post on Sean Lennon's op-ed in the NYT on fracking, however the video that goes with the post doesn't seem to work.

Natural gas has been sold as clean energy. But when the gas comes from fracturing bedrock with about five million gallons of toxic water per well, the word “clean” takes on a disturbingly Orwellian tone. Don’t be fooled. Fracking for shale gas is in truth dirty energy. It inevitably leaks toxic chemicals into the air and water. Industry studies show that 5 percent of wells can leak immediately, and 60 percent over 30 years. There is no such thing as pipes and concrete that won’t eventually break down. It releases a cocktail of chemicals from a menu of more than 600 toxic substances, climate-changing methane, radium and, of course, uranium.

If you've seen the documentary GASLAND, you also see people and animals sicken and die, and people, who drink from well water, able to set their taps on fire.


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