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Song for the Weekend

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Isn't She Lovely!

Goodbye to the Ponds

Friday Beau: Will Jetta

El Paso County Colorado Romney Voter Registration

Weekly Review

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OUPblog Marks West Side Story's 55th Anniversary

Via Queerty: Egypt’s First HIV-Positive Activist Fights Ignorance, Fear In His Homeland

Today Is National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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Happy Hump Day

Andy Williams, Our Huckleberry Friend

Garbage Pail Kids Styled Anti-Religion Street Posters

I'm on Team Eltahawy

Need Something to Make Your Heart Beat Faster...

Getting a Late Start

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What I Wish I Were Doing Today

Chick-Fi-Lame Continues As Is

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Just Got Caught Up On New Glee

Thank You, Mr. Christian

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Paris Hilton is an Ignorant Bitch? No! You Don't Say

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It's Sweater Time

Get Your Drums, Your Love

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I Doubt It and I'm Still Not Eating There

HuffPo: Out About HIV

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

I Enjoy a Touch of Leopard Print

Love You, Girl

I Think Someone Needs Some Cooling Aloe


Band of Thebes on Jaime Manrique's Cervantes Street

Film Short: Ekki Múkk

Behind the Scenes of the Ben Cohen 2013 Calendar

New Chapters of Elfquest...

The Millions: Defiance Until Death

Midday Beau

What You Probably Won't See in the Mainstream Media

Adventure Time by Anthony Petrie

Stephen Greenblatt on who slept in Shakespeare's bed

Terry Jones Is Responsible for the Deaths in Libya, or...

Happy Birthday, Clara!

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Beauty Is Embarrassing

Happy Hump Day

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The Magnetic Fields' The Book of Love

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My President

The President, My President

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