HuffPo: Out About HIV

Alex Garner via the Huffington Post

For many people, living with HIV means living in the closet and that can be an isolating experience filled with shame and agony. In the past 40 years we've seen great success at tearing down closet doors in the LGBT community. LGBT people chose to come out, at considerable risk to their livelihood and safety because they felt a life lived in the closet wasn't worth living. The coming out movement of the LGBT community is a modern success story. It demonstrates that when people live open and unashamed lives, society can witness their humanity and our culture can evolve.

We can bring about the same kind of change for HIV. People living with HIV have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. HIV is a disease, and having it doesn't make us dirty, worthless or immoral. It simply means we have a virus.


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