Laptop Update

Update on the laptop. Apparently, it should be called a "lap"top. I was told by my IT friend that it was obvious I kept my laptop too much in my...well...lap, and that this caused the fan that cooled the hard drive from working properly which caused the hard drive to fry.

Who knew?

So, he is replacing my hard drive today. Most of my files (a.k.a. porn) is salvageable but I will have to re-install my programs.

At least it's an easy fix. One-handed typing here I come! :)


Chris said…
That wouldn't happen to be an HP, JP? :) I own one, and they are famous for 1) poor quality batteries, and 2) poor quality fans.

When you get your computer back, consider installing SpeedFan. It's a program (downloadable for free) that actually has hardware properties, i.e. it can regulate/lower your CPU temperature. I installed it on my laptop a few months ago when I thought my fan had kicked the bucket, and it's done wonders.
Writer said…
I'll keep that in mind, Chris. I don't think it's an HP. :)
Tim said…
JP has an Acer Aspire AS5349-2481.
Writer said…
Tim, I'm glad someone keeps track of this. ;)
Chris said…
The SpeedFan program will work on any laptop, my HP-related comment was more of a personal whine :) Hope everything works out.
Writer said…
Thank you, Chris! :)

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