OUPblog Marks West Side Story's 55th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 55th anniversary of West Side Story's opening on Broadway.

Via OUPblog

A racially-charged retelling of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is set in the “blighted” West Side of 1950s Manhattan, the potent themes of star-crossed love and gang rivalry successfully translated from 16th century Italy to 20th century New York by book-writer Arthur Laurents and lyricist Steven Sondheim. The premiere was timely. One day before the curtain rose on West Side Story, America had witnessed a key event in its Civil Rights Movement with the forced integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
There's a production in Paris this year. I'd love to go see it, should funds permit.
Writer said…
That would be so much fun, Tamayn. I had a similar thought about a University of Kentucky Opera production of Lloyd Webber's Phantom...sadly the funds do not permit. LOL

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