Paris Hilton is an Ignorant Bitch? No! You Don't Say

Via OMGblog

This must just be the week when secret recordings of famous people saying awful things come to light -- first Mitt Romney says he doesn't care about half of the country, now Paris Hilton calls all gay men "disgusting." During a car ride that was recorded for whatever reason, Paris's male friend tells the heiress about Grindr, to which she reacts by saying:

"Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS...I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You'll like, die of AIDS."

She knows that, like, most of the people who pay her any attention are gay, right? Listen to the audio here.

More proof that the independently wealthy are some of the most useless people on the planet.


amtop said…
Really, a stupid comment made in private by someone that thinks they are famous is any sort of news. Really.

I once made a very derogatory remark about poodles and how anyone that would cut the hair of a poodle into pompoms on parts of their body doesn't deserve to be considered Americans with same rights as myself. Why the hell am I not getting my 15 minutes of fame for saying such damming words about poobles?

Oh, btw I believe that poodles are the root cause of HIV

The point is if you give the women (bitch) any credibility, you've got to give my shit credibility.
Jon said…
Oh well, I hear you Writer, but sometimes I think we should just stop giving them any attention at all. But I also know that's just me.

Writer said…
Wonder Man, leave my favorite childhood Disney cartoon out of this. ;)
Writer said…
amtop, well then we probably should stop making Mittens 47% comment which was made by someone who thinks he's famous in the privacy of a donors home such a big deal too...

I mean...

Poodles! How dare you! ;)
Writer said…
Jon, you are a man of wisdom...however, if we were all such men, we probably wouldn't have

Tamayn Irraniah said…
As I said earlier today when I first heard about this story: Why should we be surprised a woman who doesn't know what Wal-Mart is and is famous for a porn tape wouldn't be able to understand anything more complex than which color of sparkly lip gloss is in fashion this week?

The only thing we need to do in regards to Paris Hilton is forget that she exists.
Writer said…
Tamayn, I guess this also goes back some to my response to Jon. The statements of someone like Paris Hilton seem to be what the Internet was made for, so when she says something that spreads the stigma of something that ultimately is simply a virus - not a judgment, not a punishment - it seems necessary to spread that statement.

Yes, she is ultimately a no one. But she is a no one who gets listened to, and for whatever reason her ignorance is catchy.

I don't know what to say: on one hand, I shouldn't play along. On the other, she needs to be derided and shamed and told to STFU. Until then what can we do?
amtop said…
Okay, let's look at the words this ignorant person said as an opportunity to educate others. It really can help when she makes a public apology for her ignorance and now everyone is just a touch bit more educated on the issue.

It's easy to criticize, but it's better to a discussion of the facts.
Writer said…
True, amtop, true. :)

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