Terry Jones Is Responsible for the Deaths in Libya, or...

...out, out, damn spot!

Upon seeing the news yesterday about the deaths at the US embassy in Libya and learning that it was a US-made video (in which the prophet Muhammad was depicted as a womanizing, child molesting, homosexual - how he could be all three confuses me) that had something to do with those deaths, I immediately went in search of who was responsible for those videos. And it seemed a few online sources also had that idea.

What we found was Florida pastor Terry Jones...the man responsible for organizing a Qur'an burning that led to several deaths including UN officials.

GAWKER: Florida pastor Who Promoted Riot-Sparking Anti-Islam Film Unrepentant

Back2Stonewall: Religious Extremist Pastor Terry Jones Starts Riots In Egypt and Lybia With Anti-Islamic Movie

I say hand Mr. Jones - he ISN'T a pastor - over to the protesters. Let them deal with him.

UPDATE: Protestors Rush Walls of US Embassy in Yemen

UPDATE 2: How exactly does killing actual live people because other people criticize a long dead person help to preserve the dignity of Islam?


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