The Millions: Defiance Until Death

The Millions has a post on Christopher Hitchens's posthumous Mortality.

The post includes this quote from Hitchens's friend Christopher Buckley which made me laugh in a manner unbecoming to being IN a library.

One of our lunches, at Café Milano, the Rick’s Café of Washington, began at 1 P.M., and ended at 11:30 P.M. At about nine o’clock (though my memory is somewhat hazy), he said, “Should we order more food?” I somehow crawled home, where I remained under medical supervision for several weeks, packed in ice with a morphine drip. Christopher probably went home that night and wrote a biography of Orwell. His stamina was as epic as his erudition and wit.

No, not a good role model for me currently but still a laugh-out-loud good read.


SEAN said…
If you say so..I guess I need to read more or at least some other authors.
Writer said…
Well, SEAN, what do you read? :)
SEAN said…
Mostly horror like King and Rice, bios and some science and environmental stuff.
Writer said…
It's always nice to branch out, SEAN. Though I've added some King to my reading list lately. Mostly stuff I've read before and want to give another go. :)

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