The President, My President

Image and quote from Daily Kos: A passionate defense of one term, a vision forward for a second one

President Barack Obama's speech last night at the Democratic National Convention served as the final, rousing call to action to Americans who, as the president said, "face the clearest choice of any time in a generation."

"What's at stake" is a talking point in any election campaign, and candidates spend a lot of effort trying to convince apathetic or disillusioned voters that they should vote because their lives will be affected by the outcome, and that they should vote for them, specifically, because they present the best solutions. Last night, President Obama proved that "what's at stake" is more than just a talking point. He compellingly laid out the case that no, contrary to what some voters say with a shrug, both candidates aren't the same. There's a choice to be made in this election -- a very real choice between two very different visions and governing philosophies -- and the president, from the pundit reaction, did a fantastic job of presenting the implications of that choice to voters last night.

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