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Happy Halloween...

When Life hands you lemons...

This has made me SO happy all month

This kid has the best costume...EVER!

Halloween isn't Halloween without a Little Endora

Sufjan Stevens' Mr. Frosty

Joss Whedon: Romney Will Get Us Back on the Right Path...

Mid Hump Day Beau

Miss Coco Peru Goes to Target

Via BuzzFeed: How Straight Women and Gay Men Approach Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Hump Day

Late Night NSFW Pre-Halloween Treat

Tuesday Books

One More Day...

Via JoeMyGod: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Gives High Praise To Obama For Disaster Response

Tuesday Beau

Via Gizmodo: Is This Real?

Two Days More...

Monday Beau: Greet the Sun

Totally Watching This Tonight...

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith

Obama officially backs marriage equality in Washington state

Weekend Dick

Dear Republican Friends


NO! Scissor Sisters Announce Breakup

Something to perk you up

Eastern Ky. men acquitted of hate crime

Thursday Beau

Midday Beaux: Sterek

If pregnancies from rape are a gift from God...

I think Hell may have frozen over...

But would he actually work?

Not that I had much respect for him to begin with, but...

Happy Hump Day

No Tuesday Books Tonight

More Proof that One Should be Headshrunk... After night in jail, relative testifies against men charged with hate crime

Tuesday Song: Neko Case, Nothing to Remember

Tuesday Beau: Igor Stepanov

I Totally Want to Marry This Man

How to Comfort a Grammar Nazi...

Carol Costello Tells Off Gay-Hater Bryan Fischer

We Kiss in the Photobooth

Some Music for Your Monday

Same-Sex Couple Coping With Cancer and Mortality

All I Want for Halloween...

Betty Bowers Says Let's Move Forward

Let Me Introduce You: Colby Melvin

Monday Beau