...but human nature...

He's right: I've been getting a kick out of this everytime I see it.

Via BoingBoing

Hey guys! Check out this great JPEG I found last month. The caption was created by physics blogger Matthew Francis, and I've really been looking forward to sharing it with you!

In totally unrelated news, I just read a story by Stephanie Pappas at LiveScience.com, all about evolutionary psychologists' ongoing attempts to determine whether human females prefer our men hairy or smooth and, if so, why. Pappas' story covers a recent study that tried (and failed) to support one hypothesis: Women like hairless guys because we somehow know that hairy chests could be havens for parasites. A Sean Connery-like thatch is just one more place for lice to hang out.

Studying the preferences of women in two different cultures — Turkey and Slovakia — the researchers expected to find that Turkish women were more likely to choose hairless men because that country has long had higher rates of parasite-transmitted disease. Instead, they found that women in both countries overwhelmingly preferred their gentlemen in a less-wooly state.

The headline on the LiveScience article: "Why Women Don't Fall for Hairy Guys Remains A Scientific Mystery".


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I think it's more a fad, and it will never account for fetishes. I have always preferred that whatever guy I'm with owns his hairiness or hairlessness. Just be who you are, and the rest will follow.
Writer said…
I think the hair or lack thereof is less of a fad, and it is more a fetishizing of youth in general. But I agree with you: regardless, own it! :)

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