Midday Beaux: Sterek

So I've never see the MTV show Teen Wolf...it was on MTV, yes?

But I'm all about me some fanfictastical Stiles and Derek.

So, there really isn't anything going on between these two characters on the show?


Via Fuck Year Stiles/Derek


Tamayn Irraniah said…
We actually watched a couple of episodes on MTV about a week ago. It was funny because we were laying on the couch and I said "Ooh, Teen Wolf." so husband interpreted this as me liking the show. It should be noted that it was a shirtless fight scene in a bathroom between Colton Haynes and one of the other guys on the show that looks exactly the same as all the others, so I was amused. Then they started getting into storyline stuff and I asked husband why we were still watching it.
Writer said…
Tamayn, that reminds me of that Superman TV show that was on for a while. A friend of mine would watch it, but she would mute the sound. She said it was much more enjoyable that way. LOL

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