No Tuesday Books Tonight

I should've kept a better list over the past week cause quite a bit of good stuff came in. But I lost the list and I can't remember titles. I can tell you that Mark Z. Danielewski has a new book: The Fifty Year Sword.

OH! And there's a new book from Mike Mignola (the creater of Hellboy) and Christopher Golden: Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism.

I'll try to keep better track for the coming week AND keep my fingers crossed.

Until then, enjoy some Bookshelf Porn.


Kyle Leach said…
JP, Loved the bookshelf porn!
Writer said…
I'm glad! I'm pretty new to that website, but I LOVE that kind of stuff. :)
Ryan Cripps said…
Haha is it weird I love working at bookshelf porn?
Writer said…
Ryan, you work there?!? So envious! Keep up the good work. :)

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