Um, Who is this Douche?

I keep seeing these images of Paul Ryan throughout the Internet today, on Towleroad, on BuzzFeed (which goes so far as to show it's really gross judgement by calling the "beefcake" photoshoot the "best thing ever" blech!) and other sundry news places, and I have to say, these images do not make me think Ryan is hot...well, maybe if you put a bag over his head. Yes, he has "good guns," but I'm a full supporter of the phrase "pretty only goes so far" as does a pair of good guns.

No, these images confirm for me that if I'd known Paul Ryan in high school, he'd be the once nerdy guy who started working out and is trying way too hard to appear cool. Possibly playing football, and being overly and fakely sensitive, but at the same time hating on his former nerdy pals. In other words, he is a douche. A douche who read too much Ayn Rand, and thinks that because he can read, it somehow makes him relevant.

He isn't.

Can we return to our regularly scheduled porn? Thank you.


Writer said…
Thank you, gaYte-keeper. I sometimes am afraid I come off as hysteric but you relieved my worry. Also I love your avatar: I have a copy of that image hanging in my cubicle! :)

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