Via Gizmodo: Is This Real?

Though Gizmodo (and I assume all the Gawker channels) is still down thanks to Big Sandy, I was able to find this image via a Google Image search.

Is this for real? Or just a "yeah, New York's subways could flood and this could happen" photo?


amtop said…
While some areas of the system are under water, I don't that it's nice and blue like this.

Also at:

there is a photo of the empty Times Square station that this seems to be pshopped from. Also the trash cans that are just beyond the divers head would not be standing if water rushed into the station.

All that being said, it's a cool photo, not real, but cool.
JamTheCat said…
Not real, but a lot of the lower Manhattan platforms have water up over them and the tunnels under the East River are probably full.
Writer said…
Thank you, amtop. After posting the pic, I thought about the color of the water and imagined it more likely would be black as pitch.
Writer said…
Kyle, that's just frightening, but I read in the book The World Without Us, without the pumps that are constantly, well, pumping water, most of the subway tunnels would be full anyway. The water probably began to rise as soon as the power was cut.
charmngbilly said…
i think the unexploded and lit fluorescent lights and pristine water suggest fakery. still, a neat pic.
Writer said…
Yeah. But maybe it isn't New York...maybe it's Atlantis! ;)

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