Weekend Dick

Via Biohazard Boi

I so can't wait to get my first tattoo(s)! I'm getting at least one biohazard sign and definitely a plus sign as well. And probably a spray of stars on my neck.


SEAN said…
Sounds hot but think about keeping the bio tat in a more desecrate location. Think about where you live or may in the future and being at the gym or beach or just working in the yard.

You must post pics!
Writer said…
The bio tat I was going to put on my shoulder. And in a perfect world where I have a lot of money, I wanted a halfshirt.

However, the plus sign would be down just next to my dick. :)
becca said…
sounds like really cool tattoos and hot weekend guy i like. want to see pics of your tattoos when you get them
Loki's Log said…
It would be hot to watch you getting done:)

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