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Via Joe.My.God.

Now being promoted by Christian Newswire:

Announcing Free DVD's for all U.S. Pastors of the irrefutable evidence that HIV AIDS is being healed and lepers are being cleansed. These HIV AIDS healing miracles are verified and certified by our very own Atlanta, Georgia based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and a myriad of medical doctors. In addition, the drama continues as the lepers are being cleansed today in biblical fashion the likes of which planet earth and the church have not witnessed since Jesus walked among us 2000 years ago!

We're sure the CDC is startled by this news.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
So when will the CDC be investigating these claims like those made in the UK where several people have died as a result of churches telling them that if they pray and stop taking their medications that Jesus will heal them of HIV?
Writer said…
Tamayn, I have a feeling the CDC won't. If it's one thing the government prides itself on, it's its letting organized religion say stupid, untrue, mean, hypocritical things. :\

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