Down Into the Hole

Today, in a couple of hours, we'll be heading out to Mammoth Cave National Park. However, we won't be taking the Historic Tour - whose opening you see above - but the Frozen Niagara Tour.

I've been on this tour before, and if I remember correctly, there'll first be a brief bus trip to a different cave opening.

Once again, I won't be free to do any genealogy. I purportedly have family buried in a cemetery on the land that is part of the national park, so I'm hoping someday to be able to travel there for that.

First, however, the tribe gathers together for a nosh of soup and sandwiches.


Writer said…
becca, this is one of many entrances into the cave. Or, I guess I could say, any view looking down into a dark hole is beautiful. #naughty ;)

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