Happy Birthday, Parker Posey

For Parker Posey's birthday, I give you...

The opening to The House of Yes...which actually only has a brief but fabulous voice over by Parker...though you can watch most of the movie here though oddly enough without the opening.

Then, for your viewing pleasure, we have the first 15 minutes of Party Girl. Sure, bring it out.

Then there's the trailer for the movie Flirt.

Then here she is in the Emmy Speech Master Class.

And, alright, you little freshmen bitches!

And, lastly, cause girl's got bills to pay too...Blade III


Stan said…
always loved that Pink Suit and pill box hat.
thanks for the comment. hope you are well tonight.
Writer said…
I'm doing good, Stan. Thank you. How are you? :)
wetpaint1971 said…
I somehow missed the Emmy short. Thats funny shit! Makes me love her even more. I met her once here in New Orleans (I was working in a pet clothing/accessories shop and apologized for not having a busybee!) and she was totally down to earth. She actually stayed to chatt for a moment, and played with my yorkie.
Writer said…
That's awesome, wetpaint! So envious! I love her. Need to watch more of her movies. :)

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