Hunting/Gathering in Paducah

It is almost 8:30 here in the Western Wilds, and today the womenfolk are leading the tribe even further west...almost to the banks of the great Mississippi in search of that most elusive of creatures - fabric squares for quilting.

Our first stop is Eddyville for breakfast and then on to Paducah and then later today we have a reservation for dinner at Patty's, which I'm told is down around Land Between the Lakes.

I'd gotten my hopes up that in Eddyville, we might potentially be near a courthouse so I could look for my Memaw Sallie's second marriage, but we'll be eating at that denizen of countryness the Cracker Barrel and therefore will be on the outskirts of town.

So with a newly created Playlist, the Best American Essays of 2012 (Mark Doty, be my guide), and my digital camera, we' re off.

I have serious reservations that the above skyline will even come into view; it seems most likely we won't be getting past the outer edges of the city.

I've be told however (hopefully) there will be a bookstore.


Stan said…
"Paducah, Paducah
If you wanna you can rhyme it with bazooka
But you can't pooh-pooh Paducah
That's another name for Paradise."

--Leo Robin, lyrics
--Harry Warren, music
A Lewis said…
Quilt on! I have one of my mother's 1905 quilts that was originally cut out by my great grandfather while he was infirmed with TB or some other unmentionable malady in the early 1900s. It hangs above our fireplace.
Tamayn Irraniah said…
Here's hoping you walk away satisfied!
Writer said…
Stan, that's hilarious though not surprising. LOL
Writer said…
That's awesome, A Lewis. I have a quilt made by my great grandmother in her later years. Sadly, it was used for a dog bed for a while so it has some holes. :(
Writer said…
Tamayn, I'll be posting some pics on my was probably one of my most enjoyable days in recent memory. :)

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