Does anyone out there have experience using Box.com. I'm looking for a way to embed documents - I think particularly pdfs - into my genealogy website. I've seen this before on websites like Towleroad, NPR, or Daily Kos when those websites want to feature a whole document (released by an organization) in the body of the post. (Of course, I can't seem to find an example of this to make things easier.)

Basically I want to do something similar to the "Word-a-day" gadgets I see on different websites and blogs, but in this case I would be doing pdfs/images of different documents (deeds, death certificates, marriages, etc.) for my genealogy page.

Any takers?


Sozo's Blog.com said…
I'm not familiar with Box.com but the tool you were referencing Towleroad and others using is called Scribd

Writer said…
Thank you, Sozo. That's totally what I am looking for and I've already added it to my website.



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