It's 6:00...

Via Boy meets Life

The polls are now closed in Kentucky.

I hope you made it out to vote, and I hoped you enjoyed visiting Salmagundi today.

Now, we must wait. If I know anything by the time we close tonight (I'm at the berry til 9), I will post again, but otherwise, I'll give the blog a break til tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Hump Day, but I will also move the usual Tuesday night book post to then.

Good luck, y'all, and may we all still have not only porn but our rights as well after tonight.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
I was looking at the huffington post map at this time, and husband was upset because we couldn't get any returns yet.
Writer said…
Yeah, 6pm (or I guess 3ish your time) is still a little too early for returns...but check out my post for today! YAY!

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