Mitch McConnell's Wattle Went All A-Quiver

I loathe this man. It's so sad that Kentucky keeps voting for him.

Via Huffington Post

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner presented President Barack Obama's opening offer on a fiscal cliff deal to Republicans on Thursday, reportedly eliciting laughter from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who found it absurd.

McConnell told the National Review that he "burst into laughter" as Geithner outlined the plan. The Republican said no offense was meant, and that it was simply a candid reaction to the proposal, which he characterized as one-sided and ridiculous over its calls for large increases in tax revenue, while being light on promises of the large spending cuts or entitlement reforms that many of McConnell's colleagues have demanded.

What McConnell chooses to ignore is that the people who voted for Obama voted for increased tax revenue! Dick.


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