Mr. Murphy Goes to Washington

I'm sure you read over the week that Grand High Idiot Allen West finally conceded in Florida, so now Democrat Patrick Murphy is off to Washington! Happy Dance!

Via Daily Kos

Of all the big Democratic wins on election night, Democrat Patrick Murphy's defeat of tea party exemplar Allen West in South Florida is one of the sweetest. And it's not just because of who West is—though beating a man as hateful and crazy as West always feels especially great—but also because of the the guy who beat him. We all know West is a lunatic, but we aren't just getting rid of a lunatic: We're replacing him with a genuine progressive, one whom far too many people (including even myself at one point!) were far too ready to dismiss.

When he got into the race, Murphy was a young first-time candidate whom most Beltway folks were all too willing to view the same way West did, as some kind of entitled upstart. He never was. I admit that when we first heard about him all the way back in February of 2011—when Murphy was described as a "28-year-old accountant"—we had him figured for a proverbial Some Dude and even took to calling him "no, not that" Patrick Murphy to distinguish from the much better-known former congressman from Pennsylvania. But Murphy quickly wowed us with his fundraising, and he turned out to be a strong campaigner. After that, we started to take him seriously indeed—though many people had him written off until the end.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
Enfin! I am so happy to hear that someone mentally stable will be representing central Florida. I'm sure Pamela Geller will have something to say about this, of course, there will be an enormous outpouring of "meh" from the American people for this.
Writer said…
Tamayn, I like politics so much that I don't understand the "meh," but that's just me. :)

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