My heart goes out to Glenda and Damien Moore

Via Staten Island Live

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A pair of brothers swept away by the massive storm surge from Hurricane Sandy, whom the world has come to recognize as the face of tragedy on devastated Staten Island, were found dead Thursday.

Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 4 and 2, from Great Kills, are the superstorm's youngest victims thus far.

The grim discovery, made in a marsh at the dead end of McLaughlin Street in South Beach at 11:30 a.m., capped two days of intensive searching by dozens of police.

"They were about 15 yards apart," said NYPD spokesman Detective Joseph Cavitolo. "We found the 2-year-old first, and shortly thereafter, about a half hour later, we found the 4-year-old."

Their parents, Glenda and Damian Moore, were at the scene when their bodies were found.

"Of course the mother was totally, completely distraught," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly at a press conference. "Terrible, absolutely terrible. It just compounds all the tragic aspects of this horrific event."

So sad.

Since Sandy, I've started avoiding news on the tragedy. There seems to be a disparity between what I'm reading from blogs by people on the ground as it were and mainstream media. The media is much more bleak while many blogs have a yes, things are tough but we're coming together feel to them.

Not that the loss of life isn't tragic, but I think I may put my head in the sand for a bit. Or being the Libra that I am, I may just read about obsessively until my soul develops callouses.


Mind Of Mine said…
What a tragedy, these children will probably be the face of the tragedy going forward. A clear representation of wrath of god and how it does not discriminate.
Writer said…
Or in certain circles how the push for marriage equality leads to the death of children.

I'm only typing what some rightwingnuts have already thought if not said. :(
JamTheCat said…
What's saddest is, I've been hearing she was refused help when she tried to get out of the storm. She had her kids in hand and went to a house to try and get out of the water and wind...and they wouldn't let her or the kids in.

That said, I haven't been able to verify this...but I've read it in a couple of places and wonder...
Writer said…
Sadly, human history is full of stories of this kind. We can without trying be such small fearful creatures. It's amazing we were ever able to find the courage to crawl out of a hole long enough to evolve. Sometimes. :(
Writer said…
Kyle, it's a popular theory. ;)

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