Secession and Unicorns

Diaper babies, LOL.

Via HuffingtonPost

Most of the red states -- now the hypothetical "New Confederacy" -- had heretofore taken more federal aid than they paid back in federal taxes. South Carolina, for example, takes $1.35 in federal money for every dollar it pays in federal taxes. Louisiana takes $1.78 for every dollar it pays into the system. Talk about moochers and freeloaders. By the way, this money is redistributed from other states, including the blue states with their abortion-on-demand and evil healthcare mandate. After secession, that gravy train would cease to exist. Farmers, corporations, small businesses, universities and law enforcement would crumble without federal aid -- grants, contracts, matching funds, tax breaks, etc.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
We all know they'll never do it anyway. It's a nice threat, but that's all it is. I think it has about the value of that petulant child that talks about how when they grow up, they'll do whatever they want.
Writer said…
I'm gonna run with scissors! AND STAB MY EYES OUT!! LOL

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