Time: Elmo, Petraeus, Sex and Minding Our Damn Business

As the Petraeus case continues, and the Clash case, thankfully, fizzles, I found this question quite relevant in today's social media/reality-TV heavy world...

Via Time:

But in either case at some point you have to ask, what are the legitimate reasons to care about this scandal and what’s just gawking? When is someone being pilloried for “larger reasons” and when is it just about the tawdriness? Sex makes things complicated—whether it’s in Washington or in Elmo’s World.

I also like this answer to the age old nonsensical question, "What do I tell my kids?"

[S]peaking as a parent, I hold with Louis CK in his routine on gay marriage: “I don’t know. It’s your shitty kid. You fucking tell them. Why is that anyone else’s problem?”

I filled in the blanks for the curse words.

UPDATE: Maybe It's Just Me... has a post on Sheldon Stephens, Mr. Clash's accuser.


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