Tuesday Books Is Moving

Tuesday night at work has just become too busy to pull together the Tuesday night book post so I'm going to move it to either Wednesday - I tend to go to the coffee shop after AA - or to Thursday night when I'm doing my laundry and am sitting on my friend's wifi.

So we shall see. I feel like I haven't got to post at all so far this week, though I keep saving links to things that I find interesting.

Part of it is I'm also working on transcribing the 1850 Census for my home county, however, I can't do that on this particular computer cause for some reason its Notepad doesn't like me. I have no issue with any other computer's Notepad. Blech.

So have a good night, y'all. And see you tomorrow.

BTW, if you've not read Neil Gaiman's Stardust, you are doing yourself an injustice.


Tamayn Irraniah said…
There's lots of Gaiman I still have to read, unfortunately. I loved Good Omens, but I wish I had access to a library again.
Writer said…
Good Omens is awesome. Stardust awesome. The Sandman series awesome. I haven't been as happy with the rest. :)

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