My Soundtrack for Christmas Day

For Christmas Day, I went to two different AA meetings. The first was at 9 and was just a regular open discussion meeting. At this one I learned that there are days where all you can do is not though the two words were a one-word gerund. "Some days all I can do is "not-drinking." That's how I felt on Christmas Eve, and except for feeling like shit, it went pretty well.

The second meeting was a speaker meeting, and the high point of it was being with a new friend and my Crush. That's when the above song started creeping into the on-going flow that is my brain's eternal podcast. Mostly the words "paradise" and "reaching for heaven."

Then dinner at a friends. Followed by hanging with another friend and once again my Crush, where we spent the time hand-in-hand, his head on my shoulder, and everything lovely.

How was y'alls' Christmas? And please tell me you aren't going back out to shop today. Hugs.


JamTheCat said…
Doin' good, JP. Sounds like a great Christmas.

So...when you gonna start workin' out and making pumping iron your main reason for being? I hear it's better than gorging on potato chips.
Stan said…
I'll have to listen to the studio version it's heard to understand the words.
I don't shop BEFORE or AFTER Christmas. I am not that insane.
Writer said…
Kyle, at most, I think I'll be doing daily crunches and pushups. LOL :)
Writer said…
Stan, here's the studio version...

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