Song for Today

Broken Social Scene's All To All.

No one was back-handed, bitch-slapped in the making of this video.


wetpaint1971 said…
Awesome song, awesome video. I'm always curious how people find their music, especially if I've never heard of them (not that I'm an expert, but you know what I mean...) I find all my good stuff listening to satellite radio, usually on the 'indie rock' station, and other people like you. Where do you find your 'good stuff'? I like what you post, but I've never heard of most/some of it? Enquiring minds what to know...I hope things are going well for you. Happy Holidays from New Orleans!
Writer said…
I first heard of Broken Social Scene via the American of Queer as Folk which featured one song by the band. I then later got more acquainted with them by their connection with Leslie Feist (or just Feist).

As for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, their album must have charted and we got a copy for the public library where I work. I'd never heard of them but gave them a go...happily.

I learned of The Cocteau Twins thanks to a mixtape my cousin in Wyoming made me. He is a few years older than me and was way more cognizant of the 80s. LOL

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