Weekend Dick

Via SCRUFFY Jizz Monkey

Here. Let me help you get comfortable.

UPDATE: I thought after the tragedy in Connecticut, that I would remove this. That possibly - most likely - it isn't appropriate, but I think right now - though we are not done, and that we need to do more - we need distraction, maybe a little joy. A reminder that we are alive. It has been shown that watching porn has the same effect as some pain medications, and at times people who can't take a particular drug or drugs in general are prescribed their favorite porno. So this is my rationalization for keeping this on the blog today, though I'm moving it to a later time. Take care, and I love you guys.


BosGuy said…
Glad you kept the post. He's a very welcome distraction.
Kyle Leach said…
JP we are whole human beings, lots of competing parts pushed together. There is nothing wrong with going on with life, it is the only choice we really have. Well that and taking action to make life better.
Writer said…
Thank you, BosGuy. He is indeed. :)
Writer said…
Kyle, it's true. I have quite a bit of myself that is "inappropriate" pushing up against all my "appropriate" parts, and I tend to enjoy the juxtaposition. Thank you for the reminder. :) Hugs.

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