Did Jodie Foster Come Out?

Image via The New Civil Rights Movement

Maybe it was the lateness of the evening. I was tired and I'm sure by that point in the evening many of those attending the Golden Globes were as drunk as Glenn Close was pretending to be, but by the time Robert Downey Jr. took the stage to present Jodie Foster the Cecil B. DeMille Award, there was something very familiar about the general air of discourse among those presenting and accepting awards.

Something akin to when I'd had a glass or two of red wine or a shot (of 5) of bourbon and found myself at the bar of the local gay bar expounding to whatever Daddy who would continue to buy me alcohol on the benefits of socialism, the hurts of capitalism, why Obama is the bee's knees or why Lady Gaga should be crowned High Roman Emperor of all.

This is why IMHO Ms. Foster seemed as obfuscating as she did. Did she come out? But I thought she'd come out a while back? What is this thing about privacy? What? Didn't she say she was retiring? But today she said that she wasn't?

As the meme, says, "Go home, Ms. Foster, you are drunk."

Much as it appeared that the very cute Daniel Day-Lewis was falling (drunkenly) asleep on the microphone. (At any moment, I was expecting him to say, "Steven Spielberg! Man! I love you, man!") Lord! If he'd been at the gay bar, my alkie senses would have honed on him and scooped him up for a night of slurry debauchery! And I'm sure I would've used the line, "Hey. Wanna go home with me and prove for once and all that Abe WAS gay?"

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JamTheCat said…
I'd prefer a schizo night with Bradley and Hugh, as part of my sandwich.
Writer said…
Mmmmm....sandwich. :)

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