Hacky Hump Day

Via Scruffy Jizz Monkey

Hello from the Land of the Dead! (hack hack)

This is my first post of the week. I've been sick (hack hack) with the flu since Sunday and have been away from the Interwebs. I hope y'all (hack hack) had a good beginning of the week (hack hack), and I look forward (HACK) to enjoying some of it with ya.

I know the above leaves some to the imagination (hack hack), so if you need something a little more...well, MORE...here ya go.

(hack hack)


becca said…
aw sorry to hear you've been feeling bad hope you get feeling better soon
Tamayn Irraniah said…
Ick, hope you're feeling better soon. Load up on vitamin C and zinc, and if you can find it there, try some oscillococcinum.
Writer said…
Thank you, becca. I am much better this week. :)
Writer said…
Tamayn, I went with Alkaseltzer Cold. :)

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