The Hump Day Gods Have Smiled Upon Us

Yes, I know there is a chica in this photo, but that is Andrew Rannells, naked, on top of her. Apparently he plays Elijah in the show Girls, and for some reason, decides though he is obviously gay to attempt to get it on with one of the characters.

Image via NewNowNext

Also, here are some GIFs of Andrew Rannells saying stuff on the show. Proving that even if the Hump Day Gods had not smiled on me with his lovely ass, I'd at least be able to watch his lips move in perpetual motion.


paul said…
If it were not for HBO, we would never have been given this present.I hope in the next remaining episodes, Andrew continues his extraordinary work. And wouldn't it be nice if HBO took over "The New Normal." Think of what they could do with that show, especially Andrew.

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