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Hey, guys and gals. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm gonna take this week off from posting. No reason...though stuff has happened that has made me want to isolate just a bit, but the major reason is that I just can't seem to get myself going bloggerly so far this week, so I'm gonna go ahead and take off.

So anything short of Lady Gaga and Madonna dying in a mutual disaster, or I get married, I won't be here. Though I will definitely stop by and comment on the blogs I follow...Lord knows my will to "speak" is way too strong.

Have a good week. Most likely I'll be back Saturday...I can't skip my Weekend Dick.


wetpaint1971 said…
Enjoy your time 'away'! I'll be "in the booth" doing sound for Varla Jean Mermon's production of "shut up, sweet charlotte" here in New Orleans. My partner is his/her accompanist when she's/he's home performing, although not in this show. So I'll check back in soon, as I really do enjoy your taste and your blog...come to think of it, it is the only blog I read on the regular!
Wonder Man said…
well we will be here
Tamayn Irraniah said…
Sometimes it's necessary to take a few steps back. I hope that you're feeling more up to it on Saturday! I'm not feeling up to much of anything lately. But, seasonal depression happens.

Have a good break, and we'll talk later.
Writer said…
wetpaint, Varla Jean! Wow! I love her...granted my main source for her is an HBO Undercover special from the 1990s when she was still a big girl. :)
Writer said…
Good, Wonder Man, thank you. :)
Writer said…
Tamayn, I try not to think of it as seasonal depression. Rather I try to remember that I'm a mammal who should be holed up in some cave eating lots of chicken and dumplings but because we humans just HAD to have electric light and businesses open 24/7, we've screwed that up. :\

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